Ruyi pays attention to enterprise culture. “Benign human” is a key theory of Ruyi. Such idea is sourced from the Confucian classics, stressing on human friendship and focusing on the appeal of morality and function of public feeling. Ruyi carries on great Confucian culture, tries to strengthen the national industry with the national accomplishment and create a national brand with the national spirit and expects to integrate the national culture with foreign amorous feelings.

Enterprise Spirit——“morality-carried quality and remarkable excellence”

Key Idea——strict and practical, sincere and perfect

Business Idea——technology first and master-piece strategy?

Key Competitiveness—continual reform and sustainable innovation market around ourselves.?

Developing Idea——hold the opportunity and develop accordingly

Enterprise Style——show selfless devotion and pursue excellence

Enterprise Idea——try to do the best ability.?

Management Idea——innovation and recognition, self-management, self-improvement, self-development

Market Idea——take an international vision; spread the market; deem ourselves as the biggest enemy and the enterprise as the biggest market.

Product Idea——stand at the front of the market and hold the control point of technology

Talents Idea——everyone can do his best as long as they are allowed to do so

Image Idea——image of personnel: sincere, hardworking, capable and devoted