Introduce, cultivate and retain talents

Build up the platform for talents and lead the industry

       In recent years, with its tremendous strength in scientific research and by means of successful operation, Ruyi has achieved a leap-forward development and created successively miracles in the industry. With all the targets leading far ahead in the industry, Ruyi has awarded with the title of “China Top 10 Competitive Textile Enterprises”. It is the most effective enterprise in Chinese textile industry. By implementing the strategy of “10 billion Yuan income and hundred-year Ruyi”, Ruyi is now determined to establish before 2008 the biggest base of textile products and clothing well-known in the world and leading China.

       A team of high-quality talents is a must for the rapid development of an enterprise. In order to maintain the industrial leading position in China and catch up positively with the international standard, Ruyi has in recent years insisted on the “Talent Foremost” and established firmly the consciousness of “human resources are the primary resources”. Around such links as introducing, cultivating, encouraging, forging and retaining talents, Ruyi has built up a platform talents of the enterprise and strengthened the overall construction of talents for business management and technology, with the concept innovation leading, enterprise culture as the core and the encouragement mechanism as the key. By developing talents for the development of the enterprise, Ruyi has provided solid support and assurance of talents for its total, sustainable and rapid development.

Introduce talents, build up a development platform for talents and create advantages in leading technically the industry

       Fish gathers where water exits and birds nest in exuberant forest. Ruyi is much noted in domestic textile industry and holds a national Technology Centre, Engineering Research Institute and Doctors Work Station, during past several years Ruyi has created many miracles and kept leading position. Ruyi improves technologies and adjusts industry structure, bring in excellent talents, and collects management team based on technology advantages and developing aims. In recent years Ruyi has introduced in 100 experts, doctors, masters and senior and medium engineers, such talents are outstanding with many unusual glories. Ruyi engaged three academicians from Chinese Academy of Engineering and imported over 10 experts and designers from Australia, Italia, U.K., Germany and Japan. Ruyi cooperates with Shanghai Donghua University, Xi’an Engineering Technology Institute, Australian Federal Science Research Institute and University of Brighton to increase research and innovative abilities.

Cultivate talents through multiple channels, reserve backup forces for the enterprise and carry forward the rapid and sustainable development

       It is the glory and dream of Ruyi to establish an international known enterprise, while internationalization is the necessary approach for Ruyi. . Ruyi has trained an capable and outstanding team and built open talents management system, and now is bringing up a hi-tech talents team with international competitive power by “professional, modern and international” standard.The Management attaches great importance to the employee training and the strategy of talent development, stresses on life-time learning and practices the same accordingly.. Several management members of Ruyi have studied EMBA programs in Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University and People’s University of China. 20 young talents have been assigned to Shanghai Donghua University to study engineering master lessons; at the same time bring in talents Ruyi appoints R&D and managements to visit overseas industries and study advanced technologies, every year Ruyi will appoint several senior and medium talents for further study to Europe and USA. Ruyi has also established the institute and training centre of its own to cooperate with both domestic and overseas universities to improve education levels of employees, as well as holds trains for new technologies, arts and methods to resolve any difficulties; in order to improve management level, medium and senior managements will be trained with management theory and skills.

       In order to achieve the long-term development target, Ruyi has also implemented the backup talent program and set up “Talents Reserves” to bring up talents for support. It has selected 100 talents from subsidiaries and departments for training. Encourage youngsters to assume heavy responsibilities and help youngsters to make progress, set up “Youngsters Prize” to inspirit their potentials. Ruyi also brings in new educators to assume medium and senior management posts and key technological posts, and reserves a great deal of managements and technologists. In recent one or two years, Ruyi has made great progresses in overseas markets, talents resources are much important.

Undertake personalized measures for retaining talents, improve the incentive and constraining mechanism and build up a platform for mutual development of both employees and Ruyi

       Ruyi Group is actively creating the mechanism and cultural atmosphere to attract and stabilize the talents by emotion and good salaries, to inspire their creation passions. Put contributions and salaries together, put substantial encourage and spirit encourage together, realize progresses and developments between talents and Ruyi. Incentive and good salaries: the more the talents contribute, the more returns the enterprise will offer to them, as will increase both individual and enterprise developments. Ruyi promotes contribution spirits but it is not an exaction, contributions and returns will be in direct ratio. A well salary system and checking system is created for management team, technology team and sales team, and prepares encouragement system for technology innovative talents; provides great prizes to who made outstanding contributions such as great premiums, vehicle and house; provides house subsidies for all professional talents and management team; provides houses, official vehicles, computers and communication tools for imported talents; as well as provides vacations with salaries, overseas visits, and advanced studies and learning communications for free for corresponding talents. At present prize plan is under preparation.

       Manage flexibly and retain talents by emotion: regression to humanized spirit is an appeal of times. The essence of management is to manage the people, while the management of people depends on “management of heart” instead of the contract. Ruyi carries on traditional Confucian culture, promotes “moral” and pursues a harmonious condition. In talents management system, carries out humanized management and pays attention to “emotion”, to form a sincere, valued and new human relation.

       Through “face to face with Chairman”, get-togethers of graduates, dinners and colloquia, Ruyi makes communications with employees to recognize their thinking, works, studies and life conditions, and excludes difficulties and anxieties for their families, houses conditions, and school lives of their sons or daughters. Ruyi has experts mansion to provide comfortable services for Ruyi experts and get rid of their loneliness; there are telephoness, broad bands and house appliances in students’ departments, Ruyi pays attention to resolve difficulties for students from other places. Ruyi holds weddings for young talents, and leaders preside over wedding ceremonies; Ruyi set up a prize to honor with families of talents that is much incentive to talents. Anyhow Ruyi undertakes various measures to care for talents politically, support talents in their work, show solicitude for talents in their livelihood, respect talents in terms of personality and satisfy the talents psychologically so that all its employees will really feel the care of the company and collective warm.

       Apply spiritual incentive and retain talents by achievements: all talents will value the opportunity for development, while spirits, honors and performance will be a long-term incentive for talents. Ruyi provides a large stage for various of talents, imported capable talents will assume management posts directly, masters and undergraduates will assume medium management posts, and train with all graduates. As well as Ruyi built textile chain and industry base to start with many projects, which builds a stage for outstanding talents, here has more developing chances as compared with a single industry. Moreover industrial project is much incentive and challengeable to talents. Each successful industrial project increases Ruyi’s abilities and provides chances for technological managements. Therefore, a great deal of outstanding technological experts and management backbones achieve their dreams and realize their values here.

       In addition, Ruyi also attaches importance to the spiritual incentive, promotes talents and prizes talents. Every year meritorious talents, outstanding talents and labor models will be evalsuated for promotion and awarding according to outstanding performances and achievements. Ruyi has also recommended excellent talents as candidate delegates to the Chinese Communists’ Congress, the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, to enjoy both social positions and political honors.