Ruyi Printing and Dyeing Industry Group

       The main products are real wax and imitation wax prints for African market, and high-end digital printing fabric for Europe, USA, Asia and domestic market. It’s the domestic well-known enterprise with independent research and development of African products. Industry group set up offices in Africa, Nigeria, Niger, guinea, and other countries, forming complete sales network. The sales revenue of industry group reached 2.2 billion Yuan per year, with 120 million tax. According to Ruyi Group’s high-end positioning strategy and the billions enterprise construction target, industry group improve enterprise management ability, successively introduced ISO9001 / ISO14001 environmental management system to enhance the scientific and standardization of enterprise management level. Industry group owns 9 subsidiary companies including Shandong Ruyi digital technology printing and dyeing co., ltd, Chengwu Yinlian textile company, Qufu Runxin textile company and so on, with complete production chain from spinning, weaving to printing & dyeing. The annual production capacity reaches to 300 million meters.

       Shandong Ruyi Digital Technology Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shandong Ruyi Science & Technology Group. It owns 3000 staff, with 1000 various technicians, is the domestic well-known wax production base. It is formerly known as Jining printing and dyeing factory, which was a state-owned enterprise with good tradition and glorious history established in 1966. The factory mainly engaged in production and sales of printing and dyeing products, was the economic benefits backbone enterprises in Jining, meritorious service enterprises in Shandong, and the state-level II enterprise.

       In last 1990s, production and sales of Jining printing and dyeing factory went to the low ebb because of obsolete product and heavy burden. Under the government push, Shandong Ruyi Science & Technology Group purchased the bankrupt estate of Jining printing dyeing factory. Jining Ruyi printing and dyeing co.,ltd was incorporation in December, 1997.According to Ruyi Group’s strategy, Ruyi printing and dyeing industry group which owns 9 subsidiaries was formally established, enterprise development a historic leap.

Jinxiang Ruyi Industrial Park

       Shandong Ruyi digital technology printing and dyeing co., ltd started to build the Ruyi industrial park in Jinxiang, Jining in 2011, and formally put into production in 2014. The company covers an area of 1100 mu, owns sedo system, spray wax screen engraving machines, computer color matching system, automatic delivery material system, digital printing machines and other advanced systems and equipment, with 8 imitation wax printing production lines and 6 real wax printing lines. Its leading products wax printing products all export to Africa, occupying 22.3% of the African high-end clothing market. The independent “RUYI” brand Africa cloth has become one of the favorite brands in African, with high reputation and popularity. The digital printing main products are high-grade 100% cotton dress fabrics, silk, nylon, modal digital printing products and so on, which widely sales to domestic, Japan, Europe, the United States and other countries and regions. Our target is to become China's largest green digital printing and dyeing production base.

Industrial positioning

       The construction of Ruyi digital technology printing and dyeing industry park implement the Ruyi Group’s high-end positioning concept, applies the cutting-edge technology at home and abroad such as short pretreatment process, less water printing and dyeing processing, green wax printing, etc. The key equipment are all imported from abroad, the pretreatment and finishing equipment are all domestic first-class. Through the advance designs like workshop heightening, segregation of high and low concentration wastewater and under seats air distribution method, with ERP financial system, process online monitoring system, intelligent energy management system, wastewater membrane treatment and gray water recycle system, building an intelligent, automatic, high efficiency, low carbon and green environmental protection modern industrial park, creating a first-class leading enterprise in the industry.