Jining 2015 annual labour emulation and worker vocational skills contest grand open


     On the morning of August 8th, Jining 1st session “The star of the canal” labour emulation and the 6th worker vocational skills contest was grand open in Ruyi digital printing and dyeing industrial park. Duan Chengjun, the vice president of Jining federation of trade unions attended the opening ceremony and made important speech. The director of the workers technical associations Zhang Cunrui, product department minister Zhan Qingguo, chairman of Ruyi Group labor union Li Jianhang, vice chairman Zhang Lihua, the party committee secretary of Ruyi printing and dyeing group Feng Qian, deputy general manager Liu Changbo, Yao Jinsheng and deputy chief engineer Yan Qi attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided over by Sun Luning, vice president of Ruyi printing and dyeing labor union.

     Duan Chengjun pointed out in his speech, the party and the state had always attached great importance to technical talents, determined the major policies of "respect for labor, for knowledge, for ability and for creativity", and highly skilled talents team construction in their overall deployment strategy and planning. He also stressed that carry out the vocational skills contest is not only to show and inspection staff skill levels, but also an effective way to to train and bring up skilled talent team, improve the innovation ability, guide and inspire the employees based on post up, promote technological progress and accelerate the development of their own. This staff professional skills contest got the positive response of the various departments at all levels, especially the strong support by Ruyi Group. The workers took an active part in training and leap to apply contest, showing an unprecedented enthusiasm. He believes in the titration competition, it will emerge a lot of workers with professional skills fully display their unique skills and talents. This will further arouse the enthusiasm of employees to study hard on technology and practice skills, become a skilled and knowledge entrepreneurial laborers, form a good ethos of advocating skills, devote wholeheartedly to work and aspire to success。

     During hosting the meeting, vice president Sun Luning required, all participating units, players, referees and staff had to strengthen the sense of honor, responsibility consciousness, participation consciousness and sense of discipline, consciously abide by the relevant provisions of the game, jointly maintain good order of the game to ensure that the game has come to a successful conclusion. Then players and the referee representatives respectively made a gesture to speak, The leaders went to the game for the tour after the opening ceremony, then the titration competition official started.

     On 4:00 in the afternoon, after a day of nervous and orderly competition, Ding Yanyan from technology center won the first prize. Li Fulong and An Chuanchuan won the second prize. An Zhen Fei, Liu Meixia and Li Yu won the third prize. Li Junkun, Liu Guoqiang, Wang Xinfei, Qiu Yuantao, Nie Xu and Wang chuanchuan won the honorable mention. Deputy general manger Liu Changbo, Yao Jinsheng, deputy chief engineer Yan Qi and technology center director Shen Yonghua presented awards to the winning players respectively.